Sexuality in Not Your Sidekick

Not Your Sidekick takes flight in the year 2123, a hundred years after a major solar flare catalyzes for not just superpowers but also a series of major disasters which drastically changed the world. Yesterday The Gay YA hosted NYS on their monthly book club discussion, and the question was asked about how sexuality is seen in the NYS world, how it’s not entirely accepted, but not too much phobia either.

B-Fest: Teen Book Festival at Barnes and Noble

Thank you so much to Barnes and Noble for inviting me to your Teen Book Festival to be on this amazing young adult panel with so many incredible authors! I had such a blast meeting people and signing books and being on this panel with Livia Blackburne, B.T. Gottfred, Michelle Gagnon, Jen Kelin, Ann Stampler, and Gretchen McNeil.

From the desk of…

I made this fun graphic as part of the virtual book tour for Seven Tears at High Tide. It’s a bit of a teaser from an outside perspective of one of the hunters in the novel, and gives you a little bit of extra knowledge of what was going on behind the scenes. Whose desk is this? What were they tracking and what do they have planned for our heroes?