Not Your Backup

SIDEKICK SQUAD, BOOK THREE —  Emma Robledo has a few more responsibilities that the usual high school senior, but then again, she and her friends have left school to lead a fractured Resistance movement against a corrupt Heroes League of Heroes. Emma is the only member of a supercharged team without powers, and she isn’t always taken seriously.

NOT YOUR VILLAIN audiobook now available!

The NOT YOUR VILLAIN audiobook is now available! I’m so honored that the Sidekick Squad series can be enjoyed in this medium! Produced by Tantor Media and read by JD Jackson, the second in the Sidekick Squad series follows the adventures of Bells and his friends as they navigate the growing corruption in the Heroes’ League of Heroes…

Queer Voices in YA, The Ripped Bodice

I always love being at the Ripped Bodice bookstore, and it was so much fun chatting with amazing authors Audrey Coulthurst, Amy Spalding and Britta Lundin on our Queer Voices in YA conversation. We talked about our writing process, being queer and how our identity has impacted our work, and about our upcoming books with writer and comedian Erin Judge.

Not Your Villain Bonus Scenes

One of the original drafts of Not Your Villain totaled about 110,000 words! In making a better book, this story had to be streamlined. One of the challenging parts about editing (and saddest) is cutting scenes, especially scenes I loved to write. I had so much extra story that I thought it would be fun to share some of these with you.