Queer Voices in YA, The Ripped Bodice

I always love being at the Ripped Bodice bookstore, and it was so much fun chatting with amazing authors Audrey Coulthurst, Amy Spalding and Britta Lundin on our Queer Voices in YA conversation. We talked about our writing process, being queer and how our identity has impacted our work, and about our upcoming books with writer and comedian Erin Judge.

Thank you, SLCC!

SLCC was so much fun! It was my first time ever being at this Comic Con, and I was blown away by the energy and the passion of the fans, the creative cosplays and of course the wonderful people who came to my panels and my signing! I was nervous moderating my first two panels at this con, Say It On The Page! and Turning Ideas into Novels, but the discussion and thought-provoking questions made it all worth it.

Join CB Lee, Maurene Goo and Sarah Kuhn at Barnes & Noble at the Grove for a special event!

Ready for a Not Your Villain kickoff? Join me, Maurene Goo and Sarah Kuhn for a fun-filled night at the Grove for a Q&A session as we talk about our books, writing, and more! There will be games, prizes and snacks so if you’re free we’d love to have you join us!