This week I’m heading to DragonCon, and I’m so excited! It’s going to be such a great time, I’ve got so many exciting things planned, including two panels: The Craft of Dystopia in Westin Chastain F-H on Saturday and LGBTQIA in YA in Marriot A707 on Sunday!

Come find me at my panels or at my booth!

Also, I’ll be selling my novels Not Your Sidekick and Seven Tears at High Tide at Booth 1223, and if you preorder a print copy of Not Your Villain there’s a special DragonCon treat— you’ll be able to get that copy signed!

I’m also going to be hosting a giveaway with authors FT Lukens, Taylor Brooke, Michelle Osgood, and Carrie Pack. You can enter simply by posting a picture when you find our scavenger hunt clues on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and use the hashtag #BiSciFiQuest ! You don’t have to be at DragonCon to play, just be creative!


There are more details on the rules here!

I had such a great time last year, where I got to hold my novel Not Your Sidekick for the very first time! It was so wonderful to have my book launch there, and seeing it being sold in stores and at the convention was so overwhelming.

It was my first DragonCon and I was blown away by the passion and the energy there; it’s so fandom-friendly and I just loved meeting people and getting to see all the creative cosplays. My favorite one was a crossover group of samarai who were also the Avengers!

Last year I had such an amazing time on the YA track and being a panelist for the first time in LGBTQIA in YA, and also moderating my own panel BiScifi! I got to meet so many amazing authors and old friends and make so many new friends

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DragonCon 2016 was such a blast!

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