Had an awesome time at AnaCon in Anaheim, California! It was such a delight to visit the Anaheim Public Library and be a part of this incredible event on February 2, 2018. I love libraries and it was amazing to see this transformed, celebrating books and literature and comics and had a great festive vibe. There were multiple panels and also games, giveaways and cosplayers!


I spoke on two panels, “Writing the Future in the Dystopian Present” and then “Speculative Fiction Reflecting a Diverse Society,” and had such an amazing time discussing writing and worldbuilding.


Loved getting to talk with wonderful writers Stephanie Diaz, Lilliam Rivera, Jennifer Brody and Romina Russel!


I loved getting to meet so many readers in Anaheim and Orange County, and I think the library did a spectacular job putting this event together!



I’m so excited to see that the Anaheim Public Library is continuing this wonderful tradition. You can learn more about AnaCon at their website!

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